Food poisoning and customer complaints

Suspected food poisoning

Always contact your health inspector in cases of suspected food poisoning.

Health inspector contact details:
050 345 7714 (Monday – Friday, 9-15)

Contracting food poisoning

Food poisoning can be contracted from bacteria, toxins produced by bacteria. Common symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea, and a fever. Symptoms usually start 1-12 hours or a day after consuming contaminated food or water and typically last for 2-3 days. Some bacteria and viruses have a longer incubation period and symptoms can last for several days.

Find more information on food poisoning on the Zoonosis Centre website.


When should you contact food control authorities?

  • If you have purchased a food item that does not comply with the legislative food quality requirements. (i.e. issues with packaging, consistency, taste)
  • You see something that endangers the safety of food in an establishment that sells/serves food, such as poor hygiene or improper handling or storing of food.

Customer complaint form

You can fill out an electronic form here, or download the pdf and send it via email to

Alternatively you can call us at 050 345 7714.

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