Dwellings or other indoor premises must not pose health hazards to those residing in them. This includes schools, daycare centres, and youth centres. The role of health inspectors is to identify possible health hazards. 

Health hazards can be caused by:

  • temperature
  • ventilation
  • microbes (i.e. mold)
  • cigarette smoke
  • noise
  • Radon

Before sending a housing inspection request

If you detect any problems in your dwelling, contact the owner or property manager responsible for its upkeep. The property manager is responsible for inspecting the dwelling and fixing the problem. In the case of visibly detectable mold or water damage, reparations should begin promptly.

Written housing inspection request

If the property manager does not begin reparations despite your requests, you can contact the local health inspector. Health inspectors conduct inspections according to written requests. The first inspection is free of charge. Follow-up inspections are subject to a charge.

Inspections related to selling, exchanging, evaluating the condition of, or annulling the purchase of a dwelling will not be conducted.

If there is a problem in your place of work, contact your occupational health and safety administration and/or organisation.

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