Veterinary services

For appointments call 03 565 24100
(lines open on weekdays 8-9, urgent cases 9-15)

Municipal veterinarians offer basic veterinary services to all animals on weekdays at 8-15.

Out-of-hours emer­gency ser­vice

In case of emergencies on weekdays from 15-08, on weekends and holidays:

Pets: 060 030 4010 (first minute: 4 €, after that: 3 €/min)

Livestock and large animals: 0600 304 020 (0,67 €/min.)

During out-of-hours emergencies, livestock and large animals are attended to by Pirteva’s municipal veterinarians, and small animals and pets by Evidensia Oy.

Residents can go to two of Evidensia’s veterinary hospitals for out-of-hours emergencies: Veter in Tampere and Vethaus in Hattula, Hämeenlinna.

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