Own-check (self-regulation plan)

Self-regulation of food establishments

All food establishments must have a sufficient self-regulation system called own-check. The purpose of the system is to manage health risks related to the operation, and it must be in place before commencing operations in a food establishment.

The operator of the food establishment must ensure that everyone in the business is aware of their part in the own-check system. The operator must also ensure that the plan is enacted daily and that the own-check entries are done correctly and on time. The operator should assess their own-check regularly and whenever there are changes to operations. Health inspectors also assess own-check systems for their efficiency.

Own-check for approved establishments

A description of your own-check should be included in the application for food establishment approval. The own-check will be assessed for its ability to effectively control health risks.

If there are minor deficiencies, the health authority will grant a conditional or unconditional approval of the food establishment.

If the deficiencies found in the own-check show an inability to control health risks, the authority cannot approve the establishment, and the establishment cannot commence operations.

More information on the Finnish Food Authority website:


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