Smoking bans

Smoking is prohibited in the following:

  • inside family daycare facilities during daycare hours
  • both indoors and on outdoor premises of daycare centres and institutions caring for under 18-year-olds according to the child protection laws (417/2007) and mental health laws (1116/1990).
  • indoors and on outdoor premises of primary, secondary, vocational and high schools, as well as in student housing and their outdoor premises.
  • in public bureaus and offices and their indoor spaces that are open to the public
  • indoor public events
  • in shared and common indoor workspaces and in indoor spaces for customers, unless otherwise stated in the Tobacco Act
  • indoor spaces of public transportation
  • in common and public indoor areas of housing cooperatives, housing companies or other housing communities (i.e. apartment blocks).
  • in the stands and under canopies of outdoor public events, and other areas designated for spectating where the audience is staying in one place.

According to the Tobacco Act, restaurants, bars and cafés are shared work environments open to customers, where smoking is primarily prohibited. Smoking inside a restaurant, bar, or café is only allowed in a separate smoking space approved by the municipality’s building inspector.

‘No smoking’-signs

Signs that ban smoking and signs indicating a smoking area should be visible in workplaces, public places, public transportation, and other places mentioned in the Tobacco Act. The placement and content of signs and other public messages should be easily understandable and noticeable by the people arriving at and staying in the premises.

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