Notification and permit procedure

You must send a written notification to the health protection authority at least 30 days before starting/opening any of the following:

  • public lodging
  • public gym or other sports facility, public sauna, spa, swimming pool, or beach
  • school or other teaching facility or club
  • daycare centre, children’s home or retirement home
  • refugee reception centre
  • tanning salon, tattoo parlour, beauty salon, or other facility where skin treatments take place
  • other public facility where the operations taking place may cause health hazards
  • a facility which supplies drinking water, and does not have its own water abstraction or treatment system
  • using drinking water as part of a public or commercial operation (the operator is not a water supply agency)
  • water abstraction or a water reservoir for common use and for the needs of at least 50 people or at least 10 m3/day

Facilities supplying drinking water that practice their own water abstraction or treatment, must apply for a permit at least 3 months before commencing operations.

You must also apply for a permit if the water abstraction or treatment operations expand or change significantly, or if there is a significant change in water quality or distribution. In such cases you must file a notification at least 30 days in advance of commencing operations.

You cannot supply drinking water or make significant changes to existing operations before your application is approved.